Vociferous Patch Attack


February 2020


Designer, Programmer




Unity Game

Vociferous Patch Attack is a cooperative, 2D, top down, shooter. Players must drive around a map fighting off hordes of gremlins with the goal of repairing the relays that keep them out. Players must scream into the mic to repair the relays as well as their own vehicles. The catch? When players are repairing, they cannot move or shoot. Players must work together to time their shouting or silence properly so they don't get overwhelmed by the alien invasion.

Vociferous Patch Attack was made within 48 hours during the 2020 Global Game Jam. The theme of the jam was repair. I joined my teammates Warren Guiles and Ryan Voss shortly after the prompt was announced and contributed to the brainstorming process. We all got to contribute our own ideas to this game which was really fun. After we nailed down our design, Warren and I got to programming the mechanics while Ryan worked on the artwork. I implemented the driving and shooting mechanics, as well as the functionality of the relays. Within such a short period of time, we were pretty happy with how polished of a product we were able to make.

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