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January 4, 2024

"Make Me Laugh" - Global Game Jam 2024

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Featured Projects

Circuit Breaker

October 2021 | Programmer, Narrative Designer | Still Pending Games - Indie | Published Unity Game on Steam

Take control of the Rookie as you step into each circuit and fight against many different types of opposing robots. Master positioning yourself correctly on the field and when to invoke the power of each audience in this turn based real time strategy game to win. I was tasked with reworking and developing multiple systems such as UX, the hub, and the dialogue system.

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Simple Cues 3 Project Thumbnail

Simple Cues 3

November 2021 | Lead Programmer | Modern Motion Pictures LLC | Unity App

A powerful tool for displaying images and videos on multiple displays at once for on set use. There are many different settings including: looping videos, automatically jumping to the next element in a sequence, custom in and out points, bookmarks, and much more. I was given a feature list and assigned to build this application from the ground up autonomously.

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Hot Wings

July 2020 | Lead Designer, Lead Programmer | Team Spicy Honeydew - Indie | Published Unity Game iOS/Android

A post apocalyptic brawler in which players play as a chicken constantly fighting against endless waves of aliens. I was the lead programmer and a designer on the project. I was in charge of developing multiple systems including: player interactions, enemy interactions, animation implementation, the wave system, and more.

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About Me

My Design Philosophy -

"I feel like a lot of the time, the discipline of design can get a little too focussed or lost in a "Design trumps all" mentality. Design may do this consciously or subconsciously.

I am biased, because I have always sort of been against that type of thought process when it comes to game design, but I do still believe that that type of ideology can slowly tear away at the "soul" of a game. It is one reason why we may look back so fondly and nostalgically at some older games even though when you go back and play them the design may not hold up as well as we remember.

But the story, the feeling, the vibes, and the emotion; Those are the things you remember when you walk away from a game. Yes, obviously there are times where you walk away from a game and all you can think about is the design as well. But I think, just maybe, it works best when each discipline has an equal contribution to the conversation, when each discipline believes in what they are working on, when each discipline feels fulfilled. Sure that is easier said than done, but when that happens, you get something magical and amazing. You create a game with a heart!"