URSA Major


April 2017






Unity Game

Ursa Major is a cooperative bullet hell shooter made for an arcade cabinet. One player drives the character while the other drives the guns. The two must work together to survive a robot onslaught and beat the final boss. It was developed by a team of ten over seven months for the 2017 FUSE show at the Peoria Riverfront Museum. I was an assistant programmer on the project.

I was tasked with working alongside our lead programmers, Eric Santos and Sarah McGlasson, on the attack power ups for Ursa Major. I helped program picking up the power ups and the different effects that each power up gave off. For example, the canon shot power up required an increased area of effect.

Cannon Shot Power Up

Example of Bullet Explosion Power Up from URSA Major

Machine Gun Power Up

Example of Machine Gun Power Up from URSA Major

Triple Shot Power Up

Example of Three Shot Bullet Power Up from URSA Major

Mini-Gun Power Up

Example of Mini Gun Power Up from URSA Major

The game has been converted for mouse and keyboard here ⬇️