Sleeping Rogue


May 2019


Programmer, Tech Artist




Unity Game

Sleeping Rogue is a cyberpunk themed 2D platformer. Players take on the role of Fabian, a character with the ability to switch between reality, and the dream world. The player must use this ability, along with other abilities such as wall jumping, to solve various puzzles in the game and complete the heist forced upon the player by the sinister Corporation.

The full development of Sleeping Rogue started in January of 2019 and was completed in May. The game was made in Unity for our class, which was structured around pre-production, production, and post-production phases. As a result, we were able to stay on task, keep our scope in check, and get a considerable amount of feedback from our peers. I was one of the two main programmers on the project as well as the technical artist. I was tasked with implementing some environmental mechanics like doors and ladders, as well as the “Return to Body” mechanic and the “Camera Peaking” mechanic for the Player. I was also responsible for implementing all the art for the game including the character animations, all of which was made by Preston Vongphasouk.

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