Potion Problems


October 2019


Designer, Programmer




Unity Game

Potion Problems is a fantasy themed time-attack, puzzle game. Players must add ingredients around the potion master's shop into the cauldron within a certain amount of time or the potion will explode! The catch, each ingredient added applies a mini game effect to the shop that the player must navigate to obtain the next ingredient. Adding all the ingredients in the cauldron in time results in a win.

Development on Potion Problems took place during the month of October 2019. The game was made in Unity for a class focused on rapid prototyping. As such, the goal of this prototype was to test the different potion effects and how fun they were. We were also testing the time-attack format of the game of which we ultimately concluded that it would need a lot more to work as a standalone experience. I was a designer and programmer on the project. I came up with the black hole effect and the drunken blur effect. I implemented them both into the game. I was also responsible for programming the pick-up/put-down mechanic.