Hot Wings


July 2020


Lead Designer, Lead Programmer


Team Spicy Honeydew - Indie


Published Unity Game iOS/Android

Hot Wings is a post apocalyptic brawler in which players play as a chicken constantly fighting against endless waves of aliens. Players must consume various peppers around the map so that they may gain special powers. They must use these powers to defeat the 5 different enemy types. Some pepper powers are more powerful against specific enemies than others.

Development for Hot Wings started in September of 2018 with a team of 8 people. I was the lead programmer and a designer on the project. I was in charge of developing its multiple systems, including: player movement, player attacks, enemy movement, enemy attacks, enemy animation controllers, difficulty progression, and the wave system. The game was shown off on PC in May of 2019 at the annual Fuse show in the Peoria Riverfront Museum with great interest.

Kids playing Hot Wings Game at Fuse
Visitors and Team next to Hot Wings Booth at Fuse
Kids playing Hot Wings Game at Fuse

The creative director Ben Panfil and I worked together to port the game to mobile phones. Here, I was in charge of: implementing a mobile game-pad system, implementing updated art, setting up developer accounts, and squashing any bugs that came along with porting it to the new platforms. After several months of work during the summer of 2020, the game is now successfully published on iOS, Android, and to play for free!

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