Set Dressing and Light RTS Elements


In the Fall of 2022 my colleagues and I started pre-production on a new hobbyist game project. It is a twin stick shooter with light real time strategy elements based in a sci fi setting with vietnam war influences. I don't want to give too much away.. But I also want to show some of the work I have done on it. To reiterate, everything you see is in a pre-production state and is not a representation of how things will be in the final product.

The first thing I wanted to show really quickly was the system of placing units I was in charge of implementing. It was fun to use raycasts to get this cursor up and running, making it work for both mouse/keyboard and controllers.

Showcase of Unit Placement

Showcase of Unit Placement in MVS Test for Project Breakernam

A big milestone that we had deliberately set up and wanted to hit on 6/1/23 was MVS, or Minimum Vertical Slice, or Minimum Viable Slice. A made up term for this update we wanted to hit. As part of this showcase I wanted to get in some assets that would convey some of the environment that we were going for, to help get playtesters, and ourselves into this world we were creating a bit more. Even developers sometimes need more than gray box elements after a while to keep the vision alive in our heads right? So I took up the task of doing just that. It is all temporary, but I think it was worth it as I now have a better understanding of how the terrain system works in Unity. I can now pass that knowledge on to our artists as they ultimately will be the ones creating the assets we eventually use.

So without further delay you can watch a time-lapse of my temporary set dressing below.

Timelapse Video