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Hi, my name is Jake Velicer, and I am a game developer extremely interested in creating passionate storytelling experiences for it is those types of games that drove me to this career in the first place. I’ve always had fun letting stories impact me on an emotional level and video games allow me to take the driver seat when it comes to experiences like that.

I had great experiences at Bradley University and am learning new things as a creative everyday. In the Fall of 2018 I was able to participate in a design internship at F84 Games and Change Lab in Los Angeles. Both were very important in strengthening my knowledge about game design and professional workflow. I have learned how to use professional industry tools such as Unity, the Adobe Suite, Maya, ZBrush, and several programming languages such as C++.

My ultimate career goal is to be a part of making impactive, interactive storytelling experiences via it be through video games, movies, VR, 360 video, or any other mediums that come about. I want to be a part of projects that make people feel!
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